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Logo for URMIA's Sponsored Insurance Program for Sports Camps

For College and University Risk Managers

The URMIA Camps Insurance Program transfers risk from your college or university to the separate entity offering the youth sport and academic camps that take place in your facilities. With this liability insurance, which is purchased directly by coaches and departments involved in the camp itself, the college or university is simply named as an “additional insured.”

This excellent liability insurance protects the camp and those running it, includes coverage for medical bills related to accidents occurring at the camp, and has a generous $2 million sexual abuse/molestation limit. View Program Limits

Provide your camp leaders with this step-by-step guide and overview sheet, and refer them to RPS Bolinger to buy online. Nothing more for you to do to take advantage of this program!

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For Camp Leaders

The URMIA Camps Insurance Program protects the camp, its coaches, and counselors as well as the college or university where the camp takes place. Additionally, participants’ medical bills for accidents occurring at the camp are covered.

See our step-by-step guide/overview sheet for more information.

The coverage accommodates sports camps in addition to most youth academic and educational camps.

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Logo for URMIA's Sponsored Insurance Program for Student Property

For College and University Risk Managers

URMIA member institutions can offer this inexpensive insurance program that covers the personal property of individual students, faculty, and staff. The coverage applies whether living on- or off-campus, including while studying abroad or away on internships, externships, or other experiential academic opportunities. The student property insurance program includes variable policy limits, low deductibles, and a liability coverage option for the individuals.

Share the promotional materials with your orientation staff to help them make parents feel at ease that their student’s property can be covered.

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For Campus Colleagues

Give students and their parents an opportunity to insure student belongings for a low premium (and low deductible) regardless of where they are living/studying. The Student Property Insurance Program provides security of knowing belongings are protected when something happens. It includes students living off campus and while studying abroad. A simple, online process can be completed in minutes.

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URMIA's Sponsored Event Insurance Program Logo

URMIA’s Tenants’ and Users’ Liability Insurance Policy (TULIP) is available at a reduced rate to event organizers using facilities owned by an URMIA member institution.

For College/University Risk Managers & Event/Conference Planners

URMIA’s TULIP program makes your job easier by offering a cost-effective way for your campus facility users to get the liability insurance they need to host events at your institution-owned facilities. You set up your institution’s profile with the minimum coverage you require and direct third-party users to the website. Those third parties hosting the events purchase the insurance online and your facility automatically receives a copy of the binder/certificate verifying the event coverage. The program:

  • Is at no cost to the institution
  • Equals less work for institution administrators
  • Sends event documentation automatically to both the risk management and events planning offices
  • Includes molestation coverage ($50,000 limit)

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For Third-Party Users of College/University Facilities

The TULIP program provides low-cost special event insurance to event hosts/third parties who are using college or university facilities. The purchased policies are event-specific and protect both the facility user/third party and the institution against claims by individuals who could be injured or experience damage to property as a result of participating in an event. Events may range from classroom seminars, receptions, or weddings to festivals and fairs, sporting events, or concerts.

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