URMIA Celebrates 50+ Years



One of our greatest member benefits is the chance to connect with peers through URMIA's many networking opportunities, both online and in person.




"Risk managers" weren't even a thing back when URMIA began. Our members forged a path and built the profession of risk management in higher education.




Continuous professional development is the key to success in risk management. Members get a leg up with educational opportunities available through URMIA.


Looking Forward to the Next 50 Years

In September 2019, URMIA celebrated a remarkable milestone: its 50th Annual Conference. From our beginning, concepts of community, innovation, and education have been the driving forces behind URMIA and our members.

During our year-long celebration, "Community, Innovation, Education: Celebrating 50 Years of Advancing Risk Management," we honored our past, our members, and the impact URMIA has made on the profession and profile of risk management in higher education.

And we ain't done yet! URMIA continues to serve our growing membership in an increasingly complex higher education world by offering our members a forum for collaboration, quality and timely professional development, and essential risk management tools. Everyday provides URMIA leadership the opportunity to celebrate and serve our members.


Milestones of Growth (1994 - 2019)

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The URMIA Story

Published in 2019, URMIA's Historic Compendium: The Second 25 Years does not disappoint. Explore highlights from the second half of our first fifty years advancing the profession of risk management in higher education and a look to the future.

Wanna go back even further? Review our URMIA's Historic Compendium: The First 25 Years to learn about the birth and early growth of the association.


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