2021 Virtual Spring Conference

Spring Virtual Conference Logo incorporating the four quadrants of URMIA's Core Competencies for Higher Education Risk Managers


Regionals Combined into One Virtual Event

Traditionally, URMIA hosts a series of spring regional conferences in locations around the US. Due to the lingering coronavirus pandemic, we are upgrading our 2021 regional conferences to one exciting virtual conference. The program will focus on the four areas of URMIA's Core Competencies For Higher Education Risk Managers. This new format offers registrants 2 half-day sessions each month from February through May. That's 8 dates for networking and learning that are conveniently spread out over the entire spring!

Call for Presentations Is Open

We invite you to submit a presentation proposal for URMIA’s 2021 Virtual Spring Conference, which will be offered on eight separate dates from February to May to replace URMIA’s traditional in-person regional conferences.

Deadline Is Noon on 12/4/2020

Proposal submissions are due no later than Friday, December 4, at 12pm ET.

Evaluation Criteria

Each submission must focus on one of URMIA’s Core Competencies for Higher Education Risk Managers. You may find further inspiration by reviewing “hot topics” in the URMIAnetwork discussion communities.

URMIA peers and staff will evaluate proposals for quality of content and level of audience engagement. Submissions will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

  • Fit - addresses the identified core competency and sub-competencies
  • Design - content and clarity of proposed topic
  • Interactivity - use of hands-on, active learning methods to communicate the information
  • Overall appeal - innovative approaches to identify/define or solve current and emerging problems facing risk management professionals
  • Applicability - inclusion of practical tools, solutions, management strategies or innovative programs that attendees can adapt to use within their organization

Please note that submissions with an Institutional member perspective will be given priority consideration.

Submit Presentation Proposals

Submit your abstract online or if you have questions, contact the URMIA National Office.

The submission form also provides an opportunity for you to indicate your additional interest in presenting through other URMIA educational channels, such as a webinar, virtual roundtable discussion, an Insights article, or an URMIA Matters podcast.

You may submit more than one proposal. If your proposal is accepted, you will be notified of your selection in January.

Submit Proposal


Schedule and Fees Coming Soon

Content will be scheduled by core competency. The programming for each month will cover one competency and its sub-competencies.

Competency #1: Risk Management Technical Skills


Competency #2: Strategic Management


Competency #3: Inclusive Leadership


Competency #4: Organizational Engagement


We will provide more details on scheduling and pricing in the near future. If you have questions, please contact the National Office.

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Four quadrants of URMIA's Core Competencies for Higher Education Risk Managers

Testimonial about Regional Conferences: I learned so much in just 24 hours from the presenters and also from questions raised by participants!

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