Member Benefits

Why Join URMIA?

The challenges and opportunities facing higher education risk managers and insurance professionals are many, and most in higher education are asked to do more with less every day. Think about your current challenges. How do you identify best practices to help you move forward? Do you have a network of professionals with whom you can share your challenges? Would you like to have access to resources, sample forms, and other documents that can help you move forward with the knowledge and experiences of others? If so, you have come to the right place.

URMIA’s mission is to advance the discipline of risk management in higher education. We provide our members with a variety of benefits to help build the professionalism of higher education risk management and, most importantly, to make your life easier.


How Will You Benefit?

An URMIA membership offers many opportunities to grow professionally and contribute to the profession of risk management in higher education.

Professional Development Opportunities URMIA provides a number of professional development opportunities to serve your individual needs and interests. You may want to:
  • Attend workshops and events hosted by those who know risk management
  • View web seminars produced in partnership with our members
  • Contribute an article, fact sheet, or whitepaper for publication
  • Join a complimentary Risk Management Study Group to secure the ARM™ designation
  • Use our Career Center to find the job or candidates you have been seeking
Annual and Regional Conferences Each fall, URMIA's Annual Conference brings members together from around the world to network with one another and build skills and knowledge in higher education risk management. URMIA's regional conferences, held each spring in a variety of locations around the US, provide concise educational and networking opportunities closer to home.

The URMIAnetwork
Member Community and Discussion Boards

The URMIAnetwork provides a forum for members to ask questions of other members, share insights, engage in discussions, and explore timely risk management topics. Our online communities put you in touch with over 2,200 experienced risk managers and insurance professionals so you don’t have to go it alone.
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Resources Seek creative solutions to tough insurance and risk management problems with our member resources.  We have amassed a large collection of information to help you do your job more effectively and efficiently.

URMIA Library Explore a growing number of resources compiled by the membership for the membership. These include white papers, sample risk management policies and procedures, templates, past conference presentations, links to external resources, surveys and more. Some of the areas addressed are business continuity and emergency response, safety, enterprise risk management, information technology, insurance, international programs, loss prevention, regulatory compliance, and student activity risks.
Risk Management Resource Guide You won’t be a newbie for long with help from URMIA.  This valuable resource provides a foundation for risk managers new to the profession of risk management or to higher education.
Risk Inventory Enhance your risk identification and mitigation processes with our comprehensive list of risks that are common to colleges and universities.
Your Very Own
Content Manager
Where else do you have direct access to a mentor who understands higher education risk management inside and out?  Converse with our content manager, who is a distinguished risk manager with many years of experience in the higher education arena. Let us help you find exactly what you are looking for.
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Member Directory Make connections and view member information by searching our online Member Directory. Conduct a quick search or dig deeper using our many different advanced options. We respect your privacy and only share member contact information with other members.
Insurance Programs
URMIA Camps The URMIA Camps Insurance Program protects a youth camp, its coaches and counselors, as well as the college or university where the camp is held. Additionally, participants are covered for medical bills related to accidents occurring at the camp.
Logo for URMIA's Sponsored Insurance Program for Student Property We are excited to offer this inexpensive insurance program covering the personal property of individual students, faculty, and staff of our member institutions! This coverage applies whether living on or off campus, including while studying abroad or away on internships, externships, or other experiential academic opportunities. The program includes variable policy limits, low deductibles, and a liability coverage option for the individuals.
URMIA's Sponsored Event Insurance Program Logo Member institutions can offer this Tenants' and Users' Liability Insurance Policy (TULIP) at a reduced rate to those who hold functions on campus. TULIP protects both the "facility user" (e.g., event host or visiting organization) and the college or university against claims by third parties.
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Don’t Go It Alone!

Join our association and make it work for you.  We are committed to continually enhancing member experiences and will help you make the most of your membership.