Institutional Membership

Your URMIA Opportunities

Institutional membership is available for educational institutions that are interested in identifying and addressing the various risk and insurance challenges that face higher education.

The organizational membership strengthens the ability for those individuals responsible for any of the various types of risk and/or insurance on campuses with community, education, and innovation to address the current and emerging risks at today’s colleges and universities. Our incredible peer-to-peer support coupled with URMIA’s professional development events, resources, and services will help you find solutions to your current challenges and anticipate the next ones and help you move forward in your career.

Examples of responsibilities of people on campus that find resources from URMIA that are pertinent to their roles include: risk managers, insurance managers, general counsel, environmental health and safety, compliance, emergency management, police, contracts, enterprise risk management, international, auditing, financial, conference planners, athletic compliance, and student affairs.

Membership Dues


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What's in It for You

URMIA connects all of those in higher education with risk management and insurance roles and makes it easy for them to share, discover, use, and compare challenges and solutions. Through URMIA, our institutional members:

  • Utilize the information and resources created by and for fellow risk managers to further their education and evolve their skillset

  • Develop a network of colleagues they can reach out to for ideas on successes, and sometimes failures, on similar challenges

  • Elevate one another and approach their work renewed and encouraged as part of the larger higher education risk management community

  • Contribute to the organization’s creative and inspiring events used to share innovations in the industry

  • Incorporate the exchanges and exposures to topics and ideas that haven’t yet reached their campuses to their conversations with work colleagues

  • Connect with vendors representing the latest solutions and opportunities for education and service opportunities


What Members Are Saying

I was recently appointed as the risk management manager for our college and several people had advised that URMIA membership is a must do! It has been beneficial as I learn and grow in this position.

James C. Nawoichyk, Director, Campus Health & Safety
St. Thomas Aquinas College

My URMIA membership has been invaluable to me as I address the many risks on our campus by giving me a bridge to other experts and peer institution risk managers as well as the extensive library of resources that URMIA possesses. This provides me examples of approaches to address our risks which I can present to decision makers for a more balanced approach.

Tim Wiseman, Chief Risk Officer, University of Wyoming

The URMIA network welcomes you with open arms…without judgment. A prime example of this is in the community forum. It is full of questions and topics that cover the whole spectrum. The topics are great for beginners as well as the more seasoned folks. Not only can I apply the things I gather from the online discussions to my own knowledge base, but they serve as a nice reminder that I am not alone in what I am dealing with. This community shares in my concerns, my “not-knowing,” and, best of all, my support for my colleagues in general.

Kelsey Knotts, Risk Manager, West Virginia University