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The URMIA Library contains a growing number of resources compiled by the membership for the membership. These include white papers, sample risk management policies and procedures, templates, past conference presentations, links to external resources, surveys and more. Some of the areas addressed are business continuity and emergency response, safety, enterprise risk management, information technology, insurance, international programs, loss prevention, regulatory compliance, and student activity risks.


Most Popular URMIA Resources & Tools

Core Competencies for Higher Education Risk Managers

This document lays out a framework of individual characteristics, including knowledge, skills, abilities, and behaviors, which identify proficiency and excellence at different career levels and within the overall profession.


URMIA Resource Guide

Completely redesigned for 2023, the URMIA Resource Guide is a comprehensive, mobile-friendly website designed to bring forward valuable information and resources for risk managers in higher education. The site is framed on URMIA’s Core Competency Set #1: Risk Management Technical Skills. Whether you are new to risk management and higher education or you are a seasoned risk manager, this guide highlights technical skills needed for success in higher education risk management.

Competency #1: Risk Management Technical Skills; Competency #2: Strategic Management; Competency #3: Inclusive Leadership; Competency #4: Organizational Engagement


URMIA Risk Inventory

This spreadsheet identifies over 300 risks that are common to colleges and universities. Members may use the inventory as starting point or to compare the risks the institution has identified to find missing issues. Users can easily create a risk register specific to their institution or even a particular department on campus such as athletics, student organizations, research, or international travel by selecting the desired, applicable risks and saving a copy of the document.

Salary Survey for Risk Management in Higher Education

This analysis covers characteristics of higher education risk management departments and risk management professionals, as well as the compensation of higher education risk management professionals. It also demonstrates the impact of various factors on the compensation of higher education risk management professionals.

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