Annual Conference Scholarships

A Different Approach for 2020

The Annual Conference Committee is in the process of revamping the scholarship program for the 2020 Annual Conference now that it will be held in a virtual space. Once plans are finalized for the virtual conference, we'll update this page and solicit applications.


URMIA's Annual Conference Scholarship Program is designed to provide valuable educational and networking opportunities for higher education risk management professionals who could not attend the URMIA Annual Conference without this financial support. Five scholarships of up to $1,600 each are available to be awarded.

"As a scholarship recipient, the award was like a ticket into the family reunion I'd never been to."


These scholarships are intended for URMIA members who have not had the opportunity to attend any URMIA annual conference. Applicants must be responsible for risk management at their institution or work within a risk management department at a college or university. Preference will be given to applicants who have not attended any URMIA annual or regional conference. Recipients will be selected by URMIA member peers serving on the Annual Conference Scholarship Task Force.

Use of Funds

This year’s scholarship can only be used to attend this year's URMIA Annual Conference. Expenses that a scholarship recipient incurs to attend the Annual Conference will be reimbursed up to $1,600. Valid expenses include the following:

  • the conference registration fee
  • a maximum of four nights at the conference hotel
  • travel expenses to and from the conference

Reimbursements will be made in the order above. Receipts will be required. Please review URMIA's travel policy.

Expectations for Recipients

Scholarship recipients are expected to:

  • Attend the President's Reception (preconference event)
  • Attend the Newcomers Welcome & Orientation (preconference event)
  • Attend the Awards Luncheon & Annual Business Meeting
  • Be available for a group photo shoot of conference scholarship recipients
  • Write or record a reflection about the value of the experience
  • Volunteer on next year's Annual Conference Scholarship Selection Task Force

2019 Annual Conference Scholarship Winners



2019 Scholarship Recipients

From Left: Holly Niehoff, Morehead State University; Jan Crawford, Washburn University; Justin Gildner, Warren Wilson College; Kristi Murphy, Boise State University; Gretchen Catlin, University of Maine System