The University Risk Management and Insurance Association (URMIA) is uniquely dedicated to advancing the profession of risk management in higher education in the United States and beyond. Our welcoming community of over 2,600 members includes individuals from all types of colleges and universities, as well as affiliate members from the insurance industry and other businesses serving the needs of higher education risk management. We also welcome students who wish to explore this exciting profession. 

Jenny Whittington is URMIA's Executive Director
Jenny Whittington
URMIA Executive Director

I’m here to help you with all your membership needs and to welcome you to the URMIA family. Contact me if you have any questions.

Solutions for Higher Education

For over fifty years, our members have valued the community, education, and innovation that defines URMIA. This incredible peer-to-peer support — coupled with URMIA’s professional development events, resources, and services — will help you find solutions to challenges facing higher education and help move you forward in your career.


Membership Options & Dues 

URMIA annual memberships and dues are determined by the type and size of your organization. Dues are prorated for those who join after January 1. Free membership is available for currently-enrolled college students and for URMIA members upon retirement enabling them to maintain their connection with friends in the URMIA community.

Institutional Membership

For those at colleges and universities responsible for financial, safety, compliance, enterprise, or other risk

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Affiliate Membership

For those at companies serving the needs of higher education risk management

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2021 Dues Chart

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URMIA is my favorite higher education association. Affiliate members are not viewed as just vendors providing products, but as trusted partners who work collaboratively to address the enterprise risk facing institutions of higher education.
John T. Fees, Co-Founder
GradGuard / NGI Group