Distinguished Risk Manager Award

Each year, URMIA honors at least one of its institutional members as a Distinguished Risk Manager.

Being honored by your peers is a singularly high honor because they, so much better than anyone else, understand what you are supposed to do and can best appreciate what you have done. Insurance, one of the core subjects of our work, is a mystery for many people. What we do may sometimes amount to smoke, magic and mirrors - or at least seem that way to the uninformed masses.

Not so with your peers. We know the pathway through this carnival fun house of mirrors, moving floors and strange sounds. (Why can't we rappel from hot air balloons? We're gonna smash a car! Is there a problem with doing demonstrations for preschoolers in my lab?) When this honor is bestowed on one of our own - it is deserved.


Deadline 8/1/18

Nominations received after the deadline will be considered for the following year.

Guidelines for Selection

The Honors Committee relies upon the membership to call attention to individual members for consideration. Nominations should take into consideration the following criteria:

  1. Employed by an Institutional member of URMIA.
  2. Service to URMIA, RIMS, NACUBO, CPCU, CLU societies and other professional organizations as a board member, officer, committee chair and active committee membership. Service as a mentor to others in management, risk management, higher education, insurance industry, or local community. Service as a teacher fostering risk management principles.
  3. Contributions to the field of risk management by working for the development of new techniques or new approaches to problem areas. Authoring articles shedding new light on the practice of risk management.
  4. Demonstrated leadership in marshaling resources to address regular and/or unusual problems occurring within the field of risk management, particularly higher education.
  5. Professional accomplishments (e.g., ARM, CPCU, CLU, etc.).
  6. Long term distinguished tenure as an institutional risk manager.
  7. Other honors and recognition received. The above suggestions are not exhaustive; other accomplishments will certainly be considered. We recognize that individual accomplishments are unique.

Not sure about dates or other details? Don't let it deter you from nominating someone. Simply provide what you believe to be true and the URMIA staff will verify.

Recipients of URMIA's Distinguished Risk Managers Award in 2017

2017 Recipients

Distinguished Risk Managers

George H. Meeker, ARM
Michael G. Klein
Benning F. Jenness
Murray C. Edge, ARM, CSSD, WSO
Charles D. Emerson
Stanley Tarr, DHL
John Adams
Lee B. Stenquist