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Event Schedule: UPCOMING EVENTS, 2014

Note that all webinars are FREE and open to anyone employed by an URMIA member organization. Join us! During Risky Business week, URMIA encourages you to invite campus stakeholders to attend the webinar with you and hold it as part of a bigger "lunch and learn" meeting on your campus.

Risky Business Week Schedule - November 3-7, 2014
Monday, 11/3:
Roles and Responsibilities of Safety Representatives
Tuesday, 11/4:
More Than Response: Practical Applications of Emergency Planning at a College or University
Wednesday, 11/5:
Cyber Security
Thursday, 11/6:
SaVE Act & Campus Sexual Assault
Friday, 11/7:
Understanding Appropriate Workplace Behavior

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Image of a man with a map CONFERENCE BREAKOUT SESSION: "Risky Business Week: Implement URMIA's Risk Management Week on Your Campus"

Date and Registration:
  • Tuesday, October 15, 2013, 9:20-10:35 Mountain (URMIA's 44th Annual Conference, Phoenix, AZ) - 
Description: Interested annual conference attendees should plan to attend this breakout session! During the week of November 4-8, URMIA is proud to hold its second annual Higher Education Risk Management Week. This year, you will find a schedule that focuses on a different array of campus operations each day of the week, and we will offer daily e-mail tips and an expanded webinar schedule to help you pull in these campus stakeholders. Ultimately, Risky Business: A Week Focusing on Risk Management’s Contributions to Higher Education aims to help risk managers communicate the value of creating a culture of risk management, protecting people, operations, finances, and resources that allow campuses to meet their goals. Attendees will learn how they can bring Risky Business Week to their own campuses and create basic plans to get them started. You will also learn how to access the many resources available, including downloadable educational and promotional materials, elevator speeches, presentation templates, and webinars.

About the Presenters
Keswic Joiner
Director of Risk Management
Minnesota State Colleges and Universities

Michaele DeHart, ARM
Risk Management Specialist
Syracuse University

Christie Wahlert
Associate Director

Student group WEBINAR: "Working with Student Organizations: The RM Process for Students and How to Manage Your Own Risks"

View the webinar recording here.

Description: Institutions of higher education generally have a wide variety or student organizations conducting meetings and holding events at any given time. What are the unique risks that are particularly important to consider for student organizations? This webinar will highlight some of the risks that your institution should pay particular attention to regarding your student organizations. The session will review legal precedents, as well as risks involving Greek organizations, club sports, and other undergraduate and graduate student groups. Key risks include funding considerations, travel, events, involvement of faculty advisors, third party contracts, and insurance, as well as enforcement of campus policies on alcohol, hazing, and non-discrimination.

About the Presenters:
Craig McAllister
Director of Risk Management and Insurance
Cornell University

Catherine A. Holmes
Associate Dean of Students
Cornell University

World map and travel pack WEBINAR: "Transportation Locally and Around the World"

View the webinar recording here.
Description: Whether it's a student group traveling across the city, a grad student attending a conference in another state, or a faculty member taking a group of students around the world, transportation and vehicle risks are everywhere. To effectively manage these risks, we need to know where members of the campus community are traveling and how they are getting there. This webinar will provide a brief look at recent serious transportation incidents involving colleges and universities. Participants will hear about current best practices in the areas of fleet management, trip planning, and emergency/crisis response. Following this webinar, attendees will also have a clearer picture of how they can implement some of these practices and also what emerging fleet and transportation risks could be on the horizon for their institutions.

Anyone involved with transportation on college campuses, including travel and fleet management, student group advisors, trip chaperones, risk managers, international travel offices, staff and faculty decision makers, athletics, and safety and security will benefit from this webinar.

About the Presenter:
John Schwartz, JD
Senior Risk Management Consultant
United Educators Insurance

Airplane in flightWEBINAR: "Know Before You Go - Vaccinating Against Travel Risks: Best Practices for Policy and Preparation"

View the webinar recording here.

Description: As university-sponsored international travel grows, the risks associated with that travel grows proportionately. This webinar will address some of the policy considerations and legal concerns facing colleges and universities whose students, faculty, and staff are engaging in international travel opportunities, as well as provide hands-on, practical ways that travelers can travel safely once they are abroad.

First, this webinar will focus on the legal concerns and policy considerations that institutions of higher education should address when looking holistically at their travel abroad programs. Training opportunities, getting your arms around who is traveling where, developing emergency plans, and making sure proper insurance is in place are all important considerations. Faculty and staff who travel abroad with students should also have a plan in place and be well-versed in the details of that plan to help manage risks as they arise.

The webinar will also look at hands on practices that students, faculty, and staff members can take to protect themselves while traveling abroad. Advance information helps the traveler understand the road safety situation in specific countries. Our speakers will discuss road realities, road regulations, specific areas to watch for, recommendations, and emergency information. Attendees will also come away with a clear understanding of how they can “know before they go” and get the latest travel reports, maps, plans, and off-program excursion planning information to best protect themselves from the many risks facing travelers around the world.

About the Presenters:
Cathy Silberman
Executive Director
Association for Safe International Road Travel (ASIRT)

Julie Skolnick
Development and Marketing
Association for Safe International Road Travel (ASIRT)

Seth Gilbertson
Associate Counsel
State University of New York (SUNY)

Image of a computer keyboardWEBINAR: "How Can YOU Protect Your Institution's Data in Your Daily Activities?"

View the webinar recording here.

Description: As the number of computing devices continues to grow, so does the ease of access to an ever increasing amount of data that is pervasive in our day to day lives. Also growing are the methods used by "hackers" to access that data. As a result, the risk to our business and personal data continues to grow, and we need to be aware of what "data" is, where it resides, and what we can do as individuals to boost our institution's and our own personal data security.

This webinar will provide a brief explanation of what is meant by "data", where we might encounter it, and what we can do to protect it. We'll attempt to present this information in layman's terms, making a point to avoid the "techno-speak" so often used by IT professionals. It will provide clear, simple and effective measures that you can implement to better safeguard data, whether it be on your college or university computer systems or your personal computer.

About the Presenter:
Christopher Croad
Director of Information Security
Syracuse University


GlobeWEBINAR: "Implications of the Clery Act and Title IX for Overseas and Distance Locations: Legal Requirements, Recent Guidance, and a Discussion of Good Practices to Comply with the Laws and Reduce Risk"

View the webinar recording here.

Description: Prior to 2011, Clery Act guidance contained little mention of Clery Act reporting requirements for overseas locations. The 2005 Handbook briefly referenced overseas locations actually operated by US-owned institutions. That changed significantly with the February 2011 publishing of The Handbook for Campus Safety and Security Reporting. The 2011 Handbook contained new references to counting crimes that occur overseas, including in private spaces and homes. Further guidance from the Department of Education in 2011 has clarified and interpreted some of those newly-published requirements. Determining what geographic locations are covered by Clery, what crimes are reportable, and how we learn of crimes in distance and overseas locations can be tricky. This presentation will explain, in plain English, the standards laid out by the Clery Act in distance and overseas study, as well as the interplay between the Clery Act and Title IX for reports of sex offenses that occur overseas. The presentation will also include an update on Clery Act and Title IX reporting changes arising from the amendments to the Violence Against Women Act. There will be an opportunity for questions at the end.

About the Presenter:
Joseph Storch
Associate Counsel
Office of General Counsel
State University of New York