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Webinars and Other Events

Webinar Schedule

Note that all webinars are FREE and open to anyone employed by an URMIA member organization. Join us!

During Risky Business week, URMIA encourages you to invite campus stakeholders to attend the webinar with you and hold it as part of a bigger "lunch and learn" meeting on your campus.

Risky Business Week 2014 Schedule
Monday, 11/3:
Roles and Responsibilities of Safety Representatives
Tuesday, 11/4:
Emergency Planning and Crisis Management
Wednesday, 11/5:
Cyber Security
Thursday, 11/6:
VAWA Amendments/SaVE Act & Campus Sexual Assault
Friday, 11/7:
Understanding Appropriate Workplace Behavior


WEBINAR: "Roles and Responsibilities of Safety Representatives"

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Description: Safety plays an integral role in the responsibilities of any risk manager. Safety however presents itself as many different faces, and many of those faces fall outside of the traditional realm of risk management. In many universities, risk management is an office or a function that resides in the Office of Financial Management. Safety, generally is found in the work of the Environmental Health & Safety (EH&S) Department (Health & Safety), and that function is often found in Facilities Management or Human Resources. Two different cultures!

Join Allan Brooks, Johnny Centineo, John Watson, and Michaele DeHart as they explore the different facets of higher education safety representatives' roles and how they inform the risk management process. This presentation will provide an overview of risk management, taking note of the ERM model and describing synergies with other university departments. In addition, the speakers will take into account the perspective of smaller educational institutions who may only have one or two risk management or environmental, health, and safety staff.

Allan Brooks, CPCU, ARM, ARe, AU
Director of Risk Management
Chapman University

Johnny Centineo, CRM, CIC
Executive Director of Risk Management and Safety
University of Nevada, Las Vegas

John E. Watson, ARM, CIC, CRM, DRM
Executive Director, Higher Education Practice
Arthur J. Gallagher Risk Management Services

Michaele DeHart, ARM
Associate Director of Risk and Insurance
Syracuse University

WEBINAR: "More than Response: Practical Applications of Emergency Planning at a College or University"

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Description: Responding to emergencies on campus requires proactive planning and preparation. Carefully designed policies and annual tests of emergency response and evacuation are not only required under the Clery Act, but are also an essential tool for keeping institutions safe. During this webinar, practitioners will discuss how policy becomes practice as institutions build a comprehensive approach to emergency preparedness.

Troy Harris
Assistant Vice President for Institutional Resilience
Westmont College

Diane Brown
Public Information Officer
University of Michigan

Andre Le Duc
Executive Director of Emergency Management and Continuity
University of Oregon

WEBINAR: "Data Breach and Information Security Readiness"

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Description: Join Beazley's breach response services manager, Sue Yi, and technology media business claims manager, Marcello Antonucci, along with George Mason University's Samantha McClelland for a conversation about what risk managers and their institutions can do to prepare for and mitigate the impact of data breaches. Learn what qualifies as a data breach, what kinds of data need to be protected from privacy intrusions, and what you can do to help prevent data leaks at your organization.

About the Presenters:
Sue Yi
Breach Response Services Manager

Marcello Antonucci
Technology Media Business Claims Manager

Samantha McClelland
Risk Control Manager
George Mason University

WEBINAR: "VAWA Amendments, the SaVE Act and Campus Sexual Assault"

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Description: As of October 1, 2014, the Violence Against Women Reauthorization Act amendments to the Clery Act require institutions of higher education to issue annual security reports that describe certain policies and procedures and that identify resources, prevention and training programs related to domestic violence, dating violence, sexual assault and stalking.  The breadth of these requirements demands a campus-wide response. This webinar will address what risk managers need to know about the VAWA amendments, and will emphasize the crucial role that risk managers can play, along with campus Title IX, public safety, student affairs, and other offices, in related compliance, prevention and broader risk reduction efforts.

Jeffery J. Nolan, Esq.
Dinse, Knapp & McAndrew, P.C.

WEBINAR: "We Are All on the Same Team: Understanding Appropriate Workplace Behaviors"

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Description: Join Tulane University's Deborah Love, Vice President of the Office of Institutional Equity, as she explores the topic of appropriate behavior in the college or university workplace. Ms. Love will cover topics such as the functions and roles of university offices that oversee policies and procedures related to workplace behaviors, the types of conduct that could be considered discriminatory, what constitutes harassment, and the policies colleges and universities use to ensure equal opportunity in the workplace. This webinar will include exercises to help you explore the varying facets of workplace discrimination and harassment and learn how to apply policies and procedures to help mitigate and negotiate employee disputes.

Deborah Love, JD
Vice President
Office of Institutional Equity
Tulane University

Joyce Fred
Vice President of Insurance and Risk Management
Tulane University

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